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Jordan Oil Company is a family-owned and operated business, head quartered in Spartanburg, SC.  We operate 49 Hot Spots, 10 fastfood locations, gas and convenience food stores, in South Carolina and North Carolina.  The oil company grew out of a small country store in Franklin, North Carolina.  Jordan's Self Serve was the first gasoline station in the area to offer cheaper, unbranded gasoline.

Mr. Jordan's success in the gasoline/convenience food store business is due to his ingenuity and foresight.  Many people have tried to break into the gasoline business but failed as larger oil companies prevailed.  Knowing this, Mr. Jordan strategically located his stores and strived to offer something different and better to his customers.  In an attempt to offer low prices, he gambled on the concept of self-service gasoline before anyone in the area ever heard about it. He was the first to introduce self- serve gasoline in Georgia and in many parts of North and South Carolina.  Eventually, it paid off, and Mr. Jordan became known as a pioneer in self-service gasoline in the south-east.

In the early years of business, Mr. Jordan recognized a need for a distributor of unbranded gasoline.  He realized that he could buy gas directly from the wholesaler and deliver it to his station and other stations at a savings that would enable him to sell gasoline wholesale, and sold and delivered gasoline to neighbouring stations for many years.  Eventually, he put approximately 100 people to work in that business.  By being innovative, taking chances, and making opportunities, he was able to grow and expand in the gasoline business.

In 1981, Mr. Jordan hired Dan Durbin to run the oil company. Mr. Durbin came to the Company with nine years of experience in convenience food store operations. According to the Jordan family, he had been and continues to be instrumental in the growth and success of the Company.  In fact, the name "Hot Spot," which was patented in 1983, was Mr. Durbin's idea. He had always wanted to name a convenience store Hot Spot and his enthusiasm won a unanimous vote from the board. The first Hot Spot prototype was built in Charleston, SC, in 1987.  Since then, Hot Spot has grown tremendously, and in 1994 sales reached over 90 million dollars.

Today, Jordan Oil Company continues to grow, and Hot Spot continues to fit a niche by constructing and operating state-of-the-art fuelling facilities, convenience stores, and branded food stores.  Presently, we have incorporate Dollar Spot, Java Spot, and Reward Spot into our operational sales. 


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