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Our Mission Statement

The goal of RL Jordan Oil Company, Hot Spot stores, and our restaurants is to provide our customers with excellent and convenient service, a clean, safe and pleasant environment and quality products at competitive prices for the purpose of building a profitable business. Furthermore, it is the Company’s intention to strive to provide satisfying and rewarding employment believing that satisfied employees will result in satisfied customer.

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Employee Of The Month

Lisa Poole

This month's employee spotlight shines on Lisa Poole for her accomplishments as a headstrong manager, a stellar employee, and an honest mentor to her employees. Lisa began her career with the R.L. Jordan Oil Company in February 2014 as a part-time cashier at the Hot Spot store in Sylva, NC. Building upon her experience with retail and customer service at other convenience stores, Lisa eventually became the manager of Sylva Hot Spot. She's been awarded Manager of the Year numerous time throughout her time as a Hot Spot manager, which will continue despite the unfortuate closure of the Sylva Hot Spot as of the end of June 2024. Lisa is now managing Hot Spot in Hayesville, NC, and will bring her distinguished character and persistent yet patient work ethic to the Hayesville store while the new Sylva store is being built. Lisa thanks her company, coworkers, employees and customers for helping to make her the manager she is today, worthy of respect and ready to face the future.