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Our Mission Statement

The goal of RL Jordan Oil Company, Hot Spot stores, and our restaurants is to provide our customers with excellent and convenient service, a clean, safe and pleasant environment and quality products at competitive prices for the purpose of building a profitable business. Furthermore, it is the Company’s intention to strive to provide satisfying and rewarding employment believing that satisfied employees will result in satisfied customer.

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Employee Of The Month

Rose Tuna

Rose is filling in as Manager while Jennifer Corey is in training. The store hasn't missed a beat due to her hard work, dedication, and leadership. She is doing a truly fantastic job and will be a great asset to the company for years to come. Rose is always eager to learn and grow and she is always taking on new projects and tasks with eagerness. Rose has been married for 16 years and has 6 beautiful children and her family is the reason that she works so hard. She wants to provide a great life for them. Like Jennifer, she wants to be the best and she is following in Jennifer's footsteps at Princeton. Rose is a highly motivated employee who is creating success for herself, her store and Hot Spot as a company!