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 Operations plays a key role in the success and transformation of Hot Spot convenience stores. Our operations team currently consist of a Director of Operations and five area supervisors. Their responsibility includes managing the day-to-day operations of our business. They find ways to make the company more prolific by providing effective methods in its business operations. They have the duties to provide a work environment that produce positive energy, creativity and teamwork among employees. To ensure that this goal is achieved, our Operations Managers try to reach compromises with employees by conducting meetings, listening to each department's issues and concerns, and setting a professional example by showing leadership qualities.

 In addition, our Operations Managers prepare store budgets, facilitate several programs around the company, control inventory, handle logistics, and interviews and supervises employees. Our Operations Managers possess strong leadership skills and know how to handle problems quickly and efficiently with great communication skills.

 In order for our stores to run smoothly, Operations Managers have to set rules and procedures for employees to follow. This includes setting policies in the workplace to ensure effective implementation and adherence among each and every employee in the organization.